3. January/February 2018 (2)

Created on: Thursday, June 07, 2018
A Little Forest Music
Michael Pontieri
January-February 2018

“The lights go off and the film strip begins. What is a film strip? It doesn’t matter, they don’t exist anymore. I take out my fat red crayon and I color in my desk. Color field, right around the time it would have been cutting edge. The teacher did not think so. A bucket of water, a sponge and some comet and I miss my bus. I ride home on the big kid bus, my neighbor Sandy, takes me under her wing. A few tears and I shy away from such stark abstraction, though I will receive training as a non-objective painter 13 years later from Mr. Hinton at Spokane Falls. It drives Mr Hinton crazy when kids paint big eye lashes on the faces they paint. It’s not painterly, it doesn’t have that swing so it doesn’t have that thing but to this day I can’t stop myself from delineating eyelashes when I have the chance, though I often do so with the burnt sienna, ultramarine blue palette he loved. I use different styles sometimes as a jolt to remind one that this is a painting sometimes to remind me that the people I am depicting are multifaceted sometimes to visit the past, my own past and to try on different eras.”
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