Painting as a Form of Love by Paul Hunter

Monday, May 01, 2017 1:07 PM | Debbi Lester (Administrator)

Painting as a Form of Love

Brush in hand the painter

first dances in surroundings sees 

signs of feeling in flight at a touch 

tracks its motion deep into 

stirred weedy thickets skips away

caught in an illusion a denial

spread flat in its particularity

what is it he seeks but to reach 

around blind touch the living

catch what he can as it flees

where he makes a quick sketch 

to find one true line a caress 

as an entrance to love then

paints it all out rapidfire

underpainting all in grays

that will bury each stroke 

beneath others he means to refresh 

with color as each stroke is lifted

turned wet to the light of its being 

and coaxed to the surface set free

—homage to Rob Herlitz

Paul Hunter 

Paul Hunter is a poet, farmer, teacher, and shade-tree mechanic. His new book CLOWNERY: In lieu of a life spent in harness, is kind of an autobiography in prose poems.

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